Saturday, December 7, 2013

Benefits of Smartphones Not Just To Chat

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There are traditional mobile switching function when the smartphone is used more and more young people . Of which was just for calling and texting , cell phones are now used more often to chat . Are increasingly personal nature of mobile phones up to the stage where a person 's personality and interests can be seen through the contents of his smartphone .Unfortunately, many smartphone users are not aware that the cell phone can do many things , more than just chat . Though there are many applications to facilitate the day-to- day needs that can be installed on our smartphones . Applications such as mobile banking , transportation and so on . By maximizing the function of the various applications and features in smartphones , we can develop creativity even further .Smartphone users are also often hesitant to switch to a new type of handset that has a different operating system than the length of the phone . One of the main reasons is fear there is no chat friends if switch to a new smartphone . Precisely at this time a lot of free chat applications that are open for use of the base telephone number ( SIM Card ) . For example , LINE chat applications , KakaoTalk , WeChat and ChatOn all of which can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store .Many smartphone users are not accustomed to typing using the keyboard on the touch screen . So they are reluctant to switch to a touchscreen smartphone though more sophisticated and more attractive appearance . In addition , there is the assumption that a smartphone with Android operating system is expensive . All the ' myth ' was broken Samsung over Galaxy Ch @ t , the solution for smartphone users who want to learn to switch to the touch screen .


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