Saturday, December 7, 2013

Still Wear comfortable 'Smartphones' are less sophisticated?

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Nowadays many of which have a ' smartphone ' but do not know what it's Path or Instagram . When people are excited to watch a new video on YouTube humorous or play exciting games from his smartphone , he could only stare . Funny thing is , often suddenly she was angry because ' smartphone' its super slow . The next scene was predictable . Dislodged battery , settling first , reinsert the battery and wait patiently until the ' smartphone' its finished loading .

Better to switch immediately to the smartphone really smart and cool . Full touch screen , no front camera rear , large screen and most importantly , not slow . Do not be scared by the price because there is a choice of advanced smartphones bag price is still affordable .

Try lyrics Samsung GALAXY Core , Android smartphone complete inside and out. With a Dual Core processor and the latest operating system Android Jelly Bean , no more complaints of slow smartphone . Samsung GALAXY Core has dual camera , so the photos with friends can more easily use the front camera .

Large internal memory and can be expanded using micro SD cards up to 32 GB . So can store photos , songs and videos more . Those who have two numbers , no need to carry two phones . Install two SIM Card GSM - GSM on the Samsung GALAXY Core . Both of them can be always active , just choose which one you want to use numbers for SMS , telephone or surf . No need to bother alternately turning off the numbers for the sake of another number . Samsung GALAXY Core , Accelerated Can , Can Everything .

In addition to the Samsung GALAXY Core , there is also the Samsung GALAXY Grand is no less cool . Smartphone Dual SIM Always On GSM - GSM this one has a screen that is 5 inches wider and sharper picture quality . Suitable for who like to watch videos , pictures and browsing . Samsung GALAXY Grand resolution 8 MP camera equipped with flash and Zero Shutter Lag -quality video that can record high-definition ( HD ) . The results of image and video better and stable . Moreover, watched over by fitting a large screen and clear it . Samsung GALAXY Grand , As Big As Your Ambition .

For those who want to switch to a new smartphone with the price of light in the bag , there's the Samsung GALAXY Ace 3 . The view is more comfortable with a 4 inch screen and open applications more fun with more powerful processors . On the Samsung GALAXY Ace 3 , there is a feature that is a derivative of Samsung GALAXY S4 Sound & Shot . This feature allows us to take photos at the sound of the surrounding environment . Samsung GALAXY Ace 3 , How to Create More Fun Tell us Your Story .

Chat more complete and exciting because now it can be an unlimited fuel on the Samsung GALAXY smartphone . Simply install the BBM for Android app , could further fuel late with friends, boyfriend , family , everything . Of course , free slow . In addition to the fuel 's, the Samsung GALAXY smartphone can also chat via ChatON , LINE , KakaoTalk , etc. .


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