Saturday, December 7, 2013

Careful on Choosing the Best Android Application for Smartphones

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If you are browsing the best android apps for your smartphone , you can search on the internet , there are thousands and even millions of android application for Android you plug in your smartphone . Android apps created by developers from various companies in order to allow a user to access their products or services marketed . There are also deliberately made ​​an application for the purpose of hacking , learning , trial and error and also an application that can hurt your android smartphone . So be careful in choosing Android .

Wide selection of the best android apps available on the internet . In terms of the needs of each individual application , different also needs the best apps for their smartphones . So you can choose the best android apps , make sure you read the following tips . There are a few tips to select and download the best Android apps for your smartphone gadget so you can choose the best android apps .Tips on Choosing the Best Android Apps SmartphoneBased on Android application needs of each person is different , this could be due to differences in work profession , hobbies and other factors . To choose the best Android apps for your smartphone , you need to pay attention to tips on choosing the best android apps for smartphones ;

1 . Select Application Based on needs ;Have a hobby game ? You can download a free game application for HP downloaded and installed on your android . But if it is not a hobby online games based on Android do not ever plug in your smartphone Hp . So that the need for memory and your smartphone battery more efficient and do not waste power and memory capacity , because Android will continue to be updated according to the latest version and will drain your memory data capacity and also reduce power . Select the application based on your needs , for example, the profession you are an online business , you can opt for online business android applications available on the internet and on Google Play . If the application is already installed but never use in a month once you uninstall any better in order to reduce the burden on your smartphone .

2 . Download Best Android Apps for Your Smartphone on official websiteIf you 've been looking for the best applications for your Android smartphone , you can download best android apps or download directly from the official website , for the android application . For example, directly from the company website in question , if not search on Google Play is available for free and also paid. It helps your smartphone against malware , spyware and viruses that can destroy the android system and your Android application . It is important for the safety factor of your smartphone .

3 . Adjust the Type , Memory ( RAM ) , Capacity ( Storage ) Gadgets Android SmartphoneSometimes to choose the best application for android takes the latest Android OS type , such as the BBM for Android app , for example , the application can not be installed on the Android low type , and must in Android Jelly Bean .So is the RAM , if you download an application example through tough games which require the specification above 512MB RAM , this should be your concern , so you are not in vain download quota and reduce your internet package . Similarly, the capacity of data memory , adjust to your smartphone and also its data capacity .

4 . Select the best Android apps based on the best reviews , ratings and recommendations most Google Plus Make sure the first review and rating the best Android apps for your positive review and have a good rating , most do not have a 4 star rating for the apk to .So is the recommendation of the user with G+ button , a growing number of users recommend via G+ then the android application is the best application of existing applications . If you do not choose based on this , then you will fall in applications that are not clear , it could be your Android smartphone can be keclinci experiments for applications created , so be careful in choosing the application .

5 . Select the applications that save power and Internet 

The best Android apps are applications that offer the use of the application with no power drain your battery much , if at all open applications , your battery directly reduced drastically , so beware of this android application . Because in addition to the waste of power , these applications are not environmentally friendly .Likewise with your internet data , if you use a lot of bandwidth consuming applications and data and internet , do not select this application .That's 5 tips on choosing the best Android apps before you download for your android smartphone , Good luck ! May be useful .


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